March 6, 2010

Walking along the Queen's Garden

It was a wonderful feeling to walk down the Queen's palace in Edinburgh. I fell in love with the garden so much, no one prevented me to day dream that the place belonged to me.. well as long as I took a walk amidst the exotic plants. :-).This is an acrylic on Canvas. Funny to think that I gifted this painting to someone whom I have never met and will never meet in my life :-)


  1. Hello Padmaja,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed browsing your blog. You have a lot of variety in your paintings (a good thing!) and your text is interesting. Love the thought you expressed in this post "no one prevented me to day dream".... wonderful that we can daydream and "no one can prevent us".... adds a whole other dimension to life, doesn't it?

  2. I just saw this - and I love it!

  3. So beautiful..the golden glow surrounding this whole painting is gorgeous and luminous!And then to see the softness of the purple-lilac hues near the terracotta earthy colors..and the people walking is sublime! You are a masterful poet with your paintbrush..exquisite!


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