September 15, 2016

A meeting at the Vineyard

A meeting at the vineyard, 1 by 14 inches oil
What is a better place than a vineyard to meet and catch up with long lost friends! The thought of gratitude to my friends who stood by me in my troubled days is what inspired me to paint this one. I dont have many friends in real life, I can count them on my hand! But each one of them makes me feel like I have hundreds of them. I have made many good friends in the virtual world through this blog. Some have fallen through, was not meant to be and some still going great even when I know I am not going to see any of them in my real life. I thank you all, my friends from the blog world for all those encouraging mails. Good health keeps evading me, so painting has taken a back seat. Painting everyday was a habit, but not any more, I only hope it is a temporary trying phase.One thing that gives me energy is my paints, I may not want to compromise on that!

July 24, 2016

That never rest

11 by 14 inches oil
Yes, like our minds! Especially when there is a big decision to make in life, which path to take,( like what I am facing right now and decided the title), the mind keeps hitting back and forth, draws blank!
Que sera sera.. ! (whatever will be will be..)
Thanks for looking and all those supporting comments and mails, appreciate them so much!

July 12, 2016

In the mood for a quick sketch

8 by 10 inches oil on gesso board
Getting back to painting again. out of sheer will power. I dont know if it is good to push oneself some times when you have a hurdle to cross but nevertheless I decided to push myself, to feel good, to be constructive and forget brooding and self pity! I am thinking of introducing figures in to my landscapes and seascapes, it is a challenge for me right now but I thought some challenge was missing in my work, it was getting very easy to do those seascapes, so here she is in to my landscape. She probably wanted to sketch alone or may be she is expecting some friends soon, I do not know,  the story gets better with your imagination thrown in! Thanks for looking.

May 27, 2016

In Silence

In Silence, oil, 8 by 10 inches
Some times silence works wonders.. it does! More than anything else, it heals. So got over a major health catastrophe and trying to be back to blogging again. I doubt if any one missed my art, but that is ok! Many times, we just exist and not no one notices. I have missed all my favorite blogs and I will try to catch up soon! Thanks for looking.

April 2, 2016

A Touch of Warmth

A Touch of Warmth, 8 by 10 inches, oil
Warmth is always from the heart, it can seldom be faked. Just like the light from the sun. When you experience it from a stranger, it does wonders to one's soul and I recently experienced it.
Relocated to Oman just yesterday, guess what, all my oil paints were detected by the scanner and thrown out!