April 17, 2014

The hidden house and the poppy field

Oil on canvas 9 by 12 inches
Painted from the memory of my Italy trip, this is my virtual getaway from all the outside noise! Not a bit of silence for a second often drives me crazy, the continuous honking of the two wheelers and the three wheelers, the barking of the street dogs, the shouting of the street vendors,the drilling sound of never ending constructions, just to name a few! I envy my brother( living in Colorado) who can sip his morning coffee enjoying the Rockies! Funnily, when he visits home, he records  all that is noise to me as beautiful sounds and plays back everyday to make him feel he is at home. Surely grass is greener on the other side of the fence.:-)

April 1, 2014

Riders of Petra

It is a donkey's day, oil on 8 by 10 inches canvas board.

Tall conversation, oil on 8 by 10 inches canvas board.

Two at a time, oil on 8 by 10 inch canvas board.

Carriage ride , oil on 8 by 10 inch canvas board.
I recently traveled to Jordon and came back with a lot of inspiration to paint. These were done from my time spent at Petra, a city in the south of Jordon. Due to its breathtaking grandeur and fabulous ruins, Petra was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The only modes of transport allowed within Petra are on two feet or four (camel, donkey, or horse or horse carriage) We didnt use any animal rides since we didnt feel comfortable about the idea.
Personally this trip meant the world to me since it reinforced my faith in my grit, to be able to walk again after an year long confinement to bed. Creatively, I came back enjoying the rich culture and tradition that Jordon has to offer including an opportunity to learn the technique of mosaic at Madaba. A single piece of a 9 by 12 inches mosaic design cost 1500$ ! I bought mosaic pieces with an idea of creating my own piece. But when I am going to complete it remains a question mark!

March 14, 2014

The decorated bull and the musician

Acrylic on canvas 24 by 32 inches
On every Friday, this man comes to our door with his bull decorated with bright clothes, beads, laces and bells.Very colorful inspiration to paint. He is a musician, goes from door to door, playing music on his instrument and asks for money. He usually plays local film songs, mostly with off key notes, but I can recognize the song at least. The bull usually looks tired, may be the paraphernalia is too heavy to be carried or may be he is not being fed to full tummy. The bull is called Kole Basava in the local language and is trained to nod his head for an yes or a no! That reminds me of my childhood school days when I was a shy little girl not opening her mouth in the classroom come what may.The teacher when trying to make a comversation with me got only my nods and she used to tell me "dont nod your head like a Kole Basava!"
Hope you enjoy my version of Kole Basava!
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