October 12, 2014

October Evening

October Evening, 5 by 7 inches oil
The top of the almond tree that was visible
I take a few evening strolls on my roof terrace that is quite big, if I feel too lazy to get out for my walks and while I was at it, just the top of an almond tree that is down the street was visible. Loved the way the leaves were turning red. This tree is important to many locals, there is a regular fruit and flower vendor setting up a make shift shop under the tree.There is a bullock with a cart that is being tied to the tree by its owner for whatever reason! There is also a dog that is permanently stationed here.But I am not too sure if any one is observing the transition in the leaf color, every one is so busy except of course me! So when I realized that the evening should not be allowed to go waste after enjoying the autumn color, I did this painting, more out of the mood and intuition than anything else.The fifteen minutes of creativity definitely added value to my evening.:-)

October 1, 2014


Storm, 8 by 10 inches oil
Sometimes storms are good, for we know who we are and whom we have.. This is what I felt after I added the figures to the scape as a second thought!

September 24, 2014

Down the hills

Down the hills, 8 by 10 inches oil on canvas
I met this shepherdess during my trip to Jordon. For me, she looked absolutely free, no pressure to perform, no rat race, just starting everyday with her flock of sheep. But she probably had her woes, but inspired me to paint.
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