March 15, 2017

Hovering over the Marigolds

Hovering over the Marigolds, 12 by 16 inches oil
I have been a story teller  and it feels like I was in my previous birth! Somewhere down my artistic journey I focused more on developing a style and the story telling took a back seat. But yes, basically I love to tell stories with my art and that passion is still inside though dormant! The inspiration behind this work was  both the sky and the earth. I can spend hours looking at the clouds, some times hovering and some other times moving so fast that they challenge my brain to come up with stories, each shape becoming a new character! But I lost interest in the sky when I talked to the farmers working in this marigolds fields. I saw crates of marigolds just thrown all the way along the road that were obviously not sold. I could not come to terms with the idea of throwing them. I mean, how could you throw! But, yes, the farmers were beyond emotions, they sounded more practical and did not stop their relentless work. They displayed a lot of wisdom that stressed the need to go along the flow in life, this wisdom I think probably was gained by their experience. I did offer to buy the thrown ones, but it seemed against their principles to sell withered ones and my offer was promptly refused!

February 20, 2017


Harvest, 8 by 10 inches , oil
One of my passions apart from the art aspect of my life is to travel on road through out India, in particular  the South of which I feel part of. Recently was on such a trip to Mandya and I thoroughly enjoyed getting down from our car now and then and walking in to the fields, meeting real people, that slog on the fields. It was so beautiful to see the women and the birds together, the birds were not shooed away, but was considered part of the set up! The yellow paddy fields against the greens looked attractive. Of course the road was absent in the real scenario, but I added to my composition.

January 31, 2017

Letting go

Home, 8 by10 inches, oil
I have taken much time to post my first one for the year, though I have been painting consistently. 2016  was a great teacher, teaching me to let go amidst  total chaos. But one thing that kept me positive was my creativity, that one thing that I am not able to let go! This letting go  I think is recently reflecting in what I am creating as well, Letting go the details..

December 8, 2016

Walking the red carpet

Walking the red carpet, 8 by 10 inches oil
There is no glamour nor flash lights for this walking the red carpet,  just pure enjoyment and comprehension of  the nature.
With this post I am introducing my new friend Swati Ahuja  who is a versatile story teller, poet and an artist. I met her on Instagram and  I am amazed at the way she perceives my artwork.  I am learning that the same work could be interpreted in a different way from what the artist conveys, and the interpretation adds so much of beauty. 
Here is Swati's Interpretation. "Some saffron dream this,fragrant and crisp,Some sweet solitude this,feeble yet courageous.If afternoon had wings, somewhere in her ruffled feathers, this would be a butterfly,walking, floating, flying,warbling".
Hope you will enjoy her works as well, as much I have!

November 23, 2016

Sea and She

Seek, 8 by 6 inches oil
Seek, explore and expand , to be like the ocean.. 
Contemplation, 8 by 6 inches , oil
Listening to the waves and in contemplation of sky, the sea and the light around is a privilege. To be in the zone, to be in the present. 
Sea and She, 8 by 6 inches, oil
She is enjoying the ocean.. no beginning.. no end.. just infinite!
Sharing some of my recent works, trying out some figures! To those who are celebrating, have a great Thanks giving!