May 10, 2019

My Mother

A lullaby for my angel
Always Behind me

Her Best Friend
Two most important qualities that I admire in my mother are selflessness and patience. She gave up her freedom so that her children could enjoy theirs.  She lost her own mother when she was a three year old baby, but tried her best to be a great mom to her children and to many more adopted ones. I love her for everything that she has been!
Happy Mothers day to all mothers!!


  1. Padmaja, this is a lovely, loving post!

  2. Two qualities we should all strive for.

  3. Oh Padmaja...this post was beautiful and emotional. the first one was so heartwarming.. an amazing tribute to all mothers as well as yours. Happy Mothers Day, my friend!!! hugs...

  4. A beautiful tribute. Thank you for making me go all warm and fuzzy inside!
    I was also blessed with a special mother.

  5. Emotions so beautifully captured.

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  7. Like the last one..... maybe the position of the eyes......looking at the child.

  8. Best tribute through your art!

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  10. I lost your link - i use to come here several years back. Beautiful art of your mother.
    i saw your link at another blog.


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