May 20, 2010

Lilies/ Wall Mural

I enjoyed doing this mural on our balcony wall. This balcony has a water fountain and I wanted to match the water element. I used acrylics and then gave a final varnish coat. Over the years, in spite of rain and shine, the paint has not faded a bit!


  1. That is very lovely! I bet your house is very interesting to see with all your murals on the walls.

  2. This is awesome..A mural is always very difficult to paint with the wall at exactly 90 degrees to the ground.. This scene captures the pons in India so well.

    p.s. If you are in Bangalore we can plan to paint together in Lalbagh..

  3. Hi,
    3 big Cheers!!!. More than your dream coming true, it is mine which has come true. You have done an excellent thing. You have selected the right medium to expose your art. Now, you will know that your paintings are praiseworthy. Like music, these paintings are a feast to the heart.
    You should put up some of your stories too..

  4. Very nice! I would love to know the size, or see photographed with people in front, to get the scale. How lovely to have waterlilies on the balcony.

  5. Very nice,
    i wish to look around your house.

  6. I love water lilies. These are so beautiful.


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