May 5, 2010

Something Fishy!

The movement of the fish has always fascinated me, they never seem to rest for a while! The aim was to use vibrant colors to get the movement .This is my first attempt with oils and it was fun messing around with the paints :-)


  1. Good morning Padmaja,
    Love seeing paintings of fish like koi, etc. Of course I haven't attempted to paint them myself. I like to admire other artist's work. I love the movement you've captured and the soothing colors. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around more.

  2. I hopped over from Pat's blog. I love the way you have captured the fluid motion of the fish in water. Great work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I believe you did reach your goal. The vibrant absolutely do bring the movement!


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