November 23, 2016

Sea and She

Seek, 8 by 6 inches oil
Seek, explore and expand , to be like the ocean.. 
Contemplation, 8 by 6 inches , oil
Listening to the waves and in contemplation of sky, the sea and the light around is a privilege. To be in the zone, to be in the present. 
Sea and She, 8 by 6 inches, oil
She is enjoying the ocean.. no beginning.. no end.. just infinite!
Sharing some of my recent works, trying out some figures! To those who are celebrating, have a great Thanks giving! 


  1. Fascinating subject, love these various scenes , the different moods and the richness of the paint .

  2. Wow! Awesome, one above the other.

  3. The placement of the hands and the stance.... everything is so proportionate.

  4. These are wonderful Padmaja. I feel like I'm with her at the ocean. (Wish I was for real!)

  5. I do not know how you do it, but the magic is here: I hear the waves, I feel the wind, I know how to dissolve in the ocean

  6. you always have a way with painting beautiful oceans scenes!!!

  7. Different moods.... of the sea and the lady. Captured beautifully.

  8. I love these three. I'm always drawn to painting that show the "main character" from the back. I think it allows for more imagination of the story behind the image. Lovely!


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