July 19, 2017

My Artfinder Gem/ Andrii Bilonozhko

This blog post is not about my own paintings for a change! And it still feels excited two reasons! Because it is for a competition announced by ARTFINDER that I want to participate in and because I get to write about one of my favorite artists!

I havent written about any artist"s works so far though I have made some strong connections with so many of them..One such strong connection happened with the beautiful works of the artist from Ukraine  Andrii Bilonozhko
I am a person of vibrant colors and I still can not understand why his black and white works touched my soul! The law of Physics?  May be I truly saw some 'colors" there in my mind"s eye. His compositions are very unique. Each one is so different from the other and stand with its own solid story. I am so fond of stories and who is not! I seem to travel in to his creations surrealistically and my imagination runs wild with my own stories, exploring the nooks and corners, sometimes making me nostalgic with my own past experiences, sometimes with my future goals and desires to be fulfilled and of course sometimes the most precious present. I think spontaneity is the prominent element I find in every subject he deals with and which I am attracted to. Moreover the technically sound aspects of his photography which I am not aware of, but which I feel intuitively make his works faultless!
I would love to talk about a few of his works at least though I could write pages about everything else he has created. The few works that got really deep in to me.

The Ladder in the old house
His new work " The ladder in the old house" took me straight to my childhood. I had several cousins that I grew up with and all of us together used to visit our grand father's house during summer. His old house had a a very similar ladder that ended up to an wooden attic.This attic was our favorite place to play hide and seek, god knows how many times I have slipped down that ladder, yet, the ladder played a big role for my summer vacations! See, this is how I could immediately connect to the above work.
The CourtYard

Some times the abstractness he brings in with his subjects so well known to us is intriguing like in the above work "Courtyard. 

The steps

Countless times might I have walked up and down the steps in my home but never once paused to admire its structure and perspective! I did exactly that with his awe inspiring work "Steps", the light and shade he has achieved accentuates the form so well!

The Drainpipe

The drain pipe in my balcony clogs so often and each time after the rain I need to unclog it from the falling leaves from the tree above .I almost hate it as lifeless and mundane. The same Drainpipe becomes a hero through his lenses! How can I not admire it! I dont hate my drainpipe anymore!
In awe that I am with his works, my senses work over time and introduce me to a new experience each time I visit his profile.
I hope you take a look at his masterpieces and hope you enjoy as much as I do! Feel free to enjoy the other artworks as well, some of them are mind blowing!



  1. Padmaja, nice find! You're right, he has taken everyday things and made them into art! I love the black and white. I don't think they would be as effective in color.

  2. He is indeed a storyteller with his camera. Thank you for introducing me to his work. Of all things...the drainpipe is my favorite.

  3. Great pictures taken with unique perspective.Your excellent description with fond memories of your younger days has accentuated their beauty and has highlighted the finer points
    Thanks for sharing his works of art.

  4. nice one Padma...something different in your blog :)

  5. How did I miss this.
    The Ladder in the old house reminded me of the ladder in my aunt's house (in Bombay) where the approach ladder to her house was this steep. It was wooden and very steep. I always wondered how the members of the house, especially the elders could navigate those ladders.

  6. His work is beautiful and I loved reading about your memories - why each piece spoke to you.

  7. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..


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