August 5, 2017

Some Seaside stories

Zen, 8 by 10 inches oil
"The ocean waters is still.. so is her mind, And the soul enriched a bit more.!"
Spent quite some time at the sea recently and could not keep myself away from trying some stories! I took a few photos and changed the characters , keeping the backgrounds as they were.  Switching over to figurative did rejuvenate me and I cant wait to be back doing landscapes again!

Feeling the Unfathomable, 8 by 10 inches oil
"Yes, at least feel it if not be able to measure it!"
Looking Within , 8 by 10 inches oil
"When the what is in front gets unfathomable, looking within is possible!"
Treasure Hunt, 8 by 10 inches oil
"Only when we explore, shall we come across the treasures of life!"

Together we stand, oil, 8 by 10 inches
"Together they stand for a photograph, but that very moment could be relived later at any stage of their lives, the memory stands the test of time"


  1. I love all of these so much I don't know how I'd pick a favorite! I love the texture in the dog one. I love the skin tone coloration in the bikini one. I love the reflection in the three in dresses. I love the color of the water in the girl looking at the shell. I love the rocks in the first one.

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    1. Looking within is very looking within. Great series. Amazing how sea keeps being the main character in each individual painting.

  3. You are so very good at the figure, Padmaja. These are all simply wonderful. Are you using a lot of palette knife work on them. I love the texture and colors.
    Hope all is well. I think of you often 😘

  4. What a wonderful series of paintings, I love the way you are able to paint figures, your shadows and light make them come to life.

  5. Padmaja, I lost touch with you and so happy to see you again. Love your latest works.
    Thanks for your visit.

  6. wonderful works Padma...Iam unable to pick a favorite

  7. A wonderful display of paintings Padmaja!!!! Treasure hunt is a favorite...beautiful colors and texture!!!! I've been having problems commenting so I will try once again!!! Lol

  8. WOWOW those are beautiful portraits.. loved all of them


  9. Lovely paintings - all of them.
    And so true "only when we explore, shall we come across the treasures of life"

  10. Just can't figure out how you get these amazing textures in your work. Each one of them is a gem.

  11. the colours of your water and waves on the beach scenes are so good! keep posting:-)

  12. An amazing artist hides in your mind. When she comes out to light, the viewers get a wonderful experience.

  13. I miss the ocean where I'm living now, so I was so happy to see all your beautiful paintings. I really like your figurative work as much as your landscapes.

  14. been a while since I visited blogs and so much to catch up:) wonderfully expressive paintings !!!

  15. wow, your figurative paintings are so beautiful - my favorite is the woman and dog.

  16. Great article..I am looking so forward to your blogcomment and
    I love your page on your post.. That is so pretty..

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